On Fundraising and Tent-making

Fundraising for Scotland is in full-swing! Letters have been and are being mailed. Phone calls have been and are being made. And coffee and dinner dates are on and in the books! 

The first letter was hard. The first phone call was scary. The first meeting was nerve-wracking. But God got us through and our Support Team is GROWING! 

There are just a few questions that enough people have asked that we thought it would be helpful to make a post. Not because we don't want to talk about it--we'd LOVE to--but we figured there might be some people curious about these things, too, without the same access to us and ability to ask these questions.

1. How long will you be there?

Initially, we'll go for 12-18 months. The idea is to go through the Discipleship Training School to learn more about how to be a disciple and how to disciple others and to live in Paisley long enough to determine if this is where God wants us long-term. Once we've accomplished those things, we'll come home. Either to get the next visa and go back or to live where God is leading us at that point.

2. Will the school provide housing?

It will not. We will be living in an apartment/home in Paisley in community with Scots. We will buy our groceries and take the bus and do life just like everyone else in the city. 

3. Will you work and earn an income?

The short answer is: No. Though we will be working very hard throughout the city, we cannot earn an income. Because of the laws in the UK, we will not be able to hold employment in Scotland. There is a *chance* that if we go back after our initial term, we could be permitted a visa that would allow one of us to hold employment, but that's up to the mercy of the government. The UK is very protective of its jobs and goes well out of its way to keep immigrants from sticking around. If we aren't granted that visa, it would be over 5 years before either of us would be able to receive an income in Scotland.

4. If you can't earn an income, how will you live?

We will live entirely on prayers and financial support from individuals and churches. Currently, all of our support is provided by individuals, and we expect it will mostly continue that way. We hope to receive support from some churches, but we will need support mostly from individuals and small groups. Please prayerfully consider supporting us with prayer and financial support. We need monthly financial supporters as well as special-gift supporters to help with our relocation costs as well as other future needs as they arise.

Please, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out - you can find us using the links at the bottom of the page.