God has called us to Paisley, Scotland to train, support, disciple, and evangelize. We have made a two year commitment to live at Stanely House. Below is a summary of what we will be doing to spread the love of jesus during these two years. Please pray for us and for the individuals God will invest in through us.


We will be part of the staff that runs Paisley's Discipleship Training School for six months out of the year. We will lead prayer and worship times, sit in on lectures with the trainees, and facilitate book discussions. Staffing a DTS is a fifty to seventy hour per week commitment. We are honored to have been asked to serve in this capacity as it fits perfectly with what God has been highlighting to us about our role in His Kingdom.


In his support role, Michael will be performing much of the building and grounds maintenance for Stanely House as well as leading the work duty times during the school. In hers, Heather will be helping with administrative work in the office, especially in between schools by facilitating new trainees’ applications and arrivals.


Much of our time during DTS will be spent pouring into the lives of the trainees and other staff that live, work, and study in Stanely House. God has given us a specific heart for discipling these young adults by helping them understand their relationship to and with God and find their unique role in God’s Kingdom. We both will have a scheduled hour each week for one-on-one time with two or three trainees. We will also have many other unscheduled times to talk the trainees through the many questions that come up during this intense time of training.


Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we are. We will travel on an out-of-country outreach with each DTS. This can be to anywhere in the world. We will also have outreach time during the training, which can vary depending on the theme of the school. Between schools we will be investing God's truth and grace in Paisley. These are two of the ways we plan on evangelizing when we're not supporting the school.

This is a group of local artists that meet once each month for an open mic night. Our team leaders Corbin & Stacy Miles started the Arts Collective about three years ago. Their vision is to intercede for the artist community in Paisley and be present and supportive of their plans and passions. During the monthly open-mic night, artists come and present what they're working on including stitching, painting, writing, spoken word, and music. We are also looking to begin a monthly book club and a monthly arts drop-in to grow this ministry.

Blend is a Christian-owned coffee shop that recently expanded to Paisley. Michael will volunteer his time at Blend for multiple shifts each week. This will give him the opportunity to love and support the staff and customers of the cafe. He enjoys getting to know the regular customers and hopes to build deep, lasting relationships with them. 


We are honored to have the privilege to take part in these
organizations and grow them as God leads!