Running Lessons

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. - Hebrews 12:1

I had the joy this spring to be led through a ten week study of Hebrews. This study has changed my perspective of so many things. I highly recommend it! Immediately prior to that, Andy covered the cost of following Jesus. I think it was here that Andy said, after reading the verse above, "we all have a race that God is setting before us." This concept has stuck with me for quite some time now. I have a race. God is setting before me a race for me to run, and I am to run it with endurance. A couple of weeks ago, we--God and me--went through quite a journey, and He taught me a little more about my race.

Supernatural Love

I've had a lot floating around in my head this week. More than usual, really. I've drafted at least three other blogs that are full of question and wonder. I've been thinking about the current generation of believers and what our responsibility is in the direction our world is headed. And, ultimately, what is my responsibility. What am I supposed to do? Over and over as I think through what I know about Jesus and God, what I know about the truths and the stories in the Bible, I--every time--come back to one word: love.

What Is Finished?

Good Friday was a couple weeks ago and all over Facebook I saw posts saying "It Is Finished." I couldn't help but wonder how many people were wondering what was finished. Did they take a test? Did they clean their house? Get the kids to bed? What is it--what is finished? So, if you were wondering, I'm going to try to explain it. I won't do it perfectly, so here's it is finished, as explained by Heather.

Hope: The Tiny Kind

If you’ve lived in this world past your teenage years, you’ve probably learned that a basket woven of hope carries fear around in it. Not the terrifying, horror-movie fear, or the Biblical, awe-factor fear. This is a different, quieter, and, oftentimes, much stronger fear. A debilitating fear that says if we have hope for something then it won’t happen. Our culture has even created a cliche for it: Don’t get your hopes up! I think this is the reason Paul felt need to write about hope in a letter to the Romans. He tells them to “be joyful in hope.” I find it strange that joy is not our natural response to hope. I also find it all too familiar.

Like A Sponge

At the kitchen sink with a pile full of dishes, and there's the sponge. It's full of God-knows-what kind of food germs hiding in it's holes and it's shrivelled from dry-ness. You know the type, after you use them a few times they don't go back to their original form. This is how I feel tonight as I begin a new book on Hebrews. I feel dry. Spent. Taken for all I've got. And as I pause half-way through the first page to pray, I ask for God to fill me. The way a dry sponge comes to life when it's run under water, I want to be filled with His living water.