When One Becomes Two

As you've all learned by now, I'm engaged! Well, WE're engaged. :) So much has changed since I made that big announcement in March. In fact, all this began that very week. A few of you have asked, I thought you were moving to Scotland?  I am. WE are. You see, God had something very different in mind than I did when He first started tugging my heart toward Scotland. It wasn't my plan--and I made sure He knew that--and eventually I saw that it was So.Much.Better. than what I'd had in mind. Now, Michael & I are both going to Scotland together!! To quote one of our team leaders, "two for one? Well, twist-our-arm, we'll take it!" We're thrilled, scared, excited, and nervous about the big adventures that lay ahead of us. Here's a little FAQ to answer any questions you may have:

Are you still going to Scotland?

Yes. Michael & I are going to Scotland together after we get married.

When are you going?

Generally speaking, we will go sometime in 2016. We'll be there at least by the fall, but hope to be able to arrive in the spring.

Will you have to raise twice as much money, since there's two of you?

No, the costs will not double. Some things will double, but not everything. We're hoping to have a finalized budget soon.

When will you start fundraising?

Soon! Very soon, actually. Please begin asking God if He would like you to partner with us on this adventure and keep an eye out on how you can help us in various ways.

When are you getting married?

Our wedding date is September 25th. We are having a small, family wedding here in South Carolina and hope to visit with our hometowns shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for dates and locations of when we'll be near YOU!

Is there anything I can do for you in the mean time?

YES! You can pray! Pray for us to use this time wisely. To know when and how to start fundraising. To know what to say "yes" and "no" to. To know how to spend our time and who to spend it with. Pray for our health, for energy, for sound sleep. Pray for us to find just the right place to live between getting married and leaving for Scotland. Pray for those we will be reaching when we get there, and those who will be supporting us while we are there. Pray for anything that God puts on your heart to pray for us. We need His guidance, His strength, His wisdom, and His love to get us through these next few months. 

Thank you all for your tremendous support and encouragement during this season. We are beyond amazed at what God has done and how He has provided up to this point, and are eager to see what He is going to do in the coming months and years. Stay tuned as there will be more (frequent) updates from each/both of us and the website will be fully up-and-running very soon!

Much Love! 

Michael & Heather