Next Steps for Our Family

As you may remember, we originally planned to come home from Scotland in November, but with a baby due in December we can't travel that close to the due date, so we're coming home in August. That will give us time to find a doctor and hospital and go through all the prenatal classes needed before baby arrives.

Having a baby is the next big thing in our life, but we are also gearing up for the next big thing in our ministry! A few months after our baby is born, we will go back to Scotland for two years. We will be staffing two Discipleship Training Schools during those two years. God has shown us that this is the next step for us in our ministry here in Scotland. 

Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is the same training program we have been going through while we were here. We have been asked to come back and staff two DTSs over two years. Staffing a DTS is a 50 to 70 hour a week responsibility. Among other things, we will sit in on lectures with trainees, organize outreach and evangelism times, manage meal cleanup, and help the trainees in a one-on-one capacity as they navigate the lectures and their growing faith. We are very excited that God has led us to this next phase in our ministry and look forward to sharing more with you about it!

In order to continue our ministry in this capacity, we need to raise more funds. Most of the cost is associated with new visas and our new living situation with the school. We also need to raise some monthly support to cover some new expenses we have including the addition to our family. We are trusting God to provide for what He has called us into. We are still working to determine the exact amount we need to raise, but so far it looks like we will need about $18,000 in one-time support and our monthly support need looks like this: 

1 supporter at $200 each month
3 supporters at $100 each month
6 supporters at $50 each month
8 supporters at $25 each month

We would love to meet with you to share about what we'll be doing in Scotland and give you an opportunity to partner with us and God in this ministry. We have six weeks that we are designating specifically for fundraising. Please let us know if you would like to meet with us during this time. We may also contact you directly. 

We will be in Statesville, North Carolina between October 8th and 21st and will be sharing during Sunday School at Grace Alliance Fellowship on October 15th. We will be in Atlanta, Georgia between October 22nd and November 4th and will be sharing during the service at Redeemer Church on October 29th. We will be in Greenville, South Carolina between November 5th and 19th and will be sharing during the 5pm service at Calvary Baptist Church on November 5th. 

So... what can you do?

  1. Pray.
    • For a healthy baby and mom. Heather has continued to feel sick, but the baby is growing well. Please pray for the sickness to subside and the baby to continue to be healthy. 
    • There are a lot of logistics to work out before we leave and when we arrive, like where we're going to live and have the baby. Please pray for these things to work out as God wants them to.
    • This week we are running a youth arts camp in the afternoons. Please pray for a fruitful outreach.
    • For the support we need to come through.
  2. Email us. If you would like to meet with us to hear more about our ministry, please email us. This will save us much time as we schedule as many meetings as possible during these six weeks.  
  3. Fund us. Whether it's $25 a month or $200, your financial support is our provision. We rely on individuals and families to enable us pay our bills and for our livelihood while we are ministering here in Paisley. Please prayerfully consider being one of our financial supporters. 

Thank you for reading, praying, and supporting us. If you are able to help fund what we're doing here, please click "Donate" below. You can also contact us to schedule a meeting.

In Christ,
Michael & Heather Wall